The Swordlands

A Place Of Beginnings

A Memory

The Einherjar walks carefully across the shallow river, baby cradled in his arms, as the dawn rises on a young land. Dragonfish shimmer like ghosts in the water, and gentle bird song fills the air as if the spirits spoke through them. The warforged rests on the far bank, for he has travelled far. There among the long grass and nightshade he begins to talk to the child he clutches.

“The gods forged the world in war, in fire, and in ice. Their fury shook the skies, the bones of the fallen made the mountains of the mortal realms, their tears filled the oceans, and from their blood were born men and beasts. Kord in his wisdom gifted the world with the Crown Of Byfrost, and that is my home, a place of beauty unlike any treasure of the mortal realm, a place of beginnings and not endings.

“But this is the land below the clouds and this is where you shall live. Do not fear death for it will come. Your brothers, your sisters, and all your children forevermore will live and die knowing this. But live well as a child of Kord and you shall find peace amongst the stars that dance on the surface of the seas when night falls upon the world.”

At length, the soldier took to his feet once more, placed the bundle he bore carefully to his armoured chest, before continuing on his journey.



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