The Swordlands

Homecoming (Part 4)

If the stories are true, Byfrost, the land above the clouds, is the home of the Einherjar. Some say the Rainbow Bridge, that which joins the heavens and the mortal realms, is the salvation of a doomed world, and that the Legion That Waits are its custodians. Others say that the end of the world is certain, and that salvation lies not within Byfrost’s legendary power.

It was the jealous pursuit of this power that led the kings of men into the bitterest war that the world had ever seen. Sworn to defend mankind against any enemy, the Legion found itself facing a foe it could not defeat, mankind itself. Five centuries ago you left this place as The Promise Of Distant Thunder, Servant of Kord, Soldier of The Legion, and now you have returned, stained in the blood of many enemies, bereft of your faith and your soul.

As you picture in your mind’s eye the great doors of Byfrost opening once more into the chamber beyond you are blinded by a light so pure it burns away your doubt and your fear. Where you long had walked in a veil of sleep, it is the radiant light of Kord, the life-giving power of the Rainbow Bridge that renews you. You feel upon you the gaze of countless souls who have died with honour, their spirits the reflection of the stars of the night sky that dance in ripples upon the waters of the world.

They are calling you, Einherjar, divine servitor of Kord. You have seen worlds born around you and, in many ways, you have been as mother and father to these young lands. You are not only parent, but guardian, for mankind is not given to peace. What matters is that in both life and death we find find strength.

You stand now at the entrance to Byfrost, home of The Legion That Waits. Despite what has been said, it IS the slavation of humanity, it is the cradle of civilisation, the birthplace of mankind. When this world is unmade you will begin your work once more with a purpose as pure and unshakable as the foundations of the Crown itslef, for while you have walked shrouded in the shadow of loss, Kord has never abandoned you, and like a father must await the return of the son, The Lord Of All Strength awaits you now.

Surtur is returned and the end of the world is upon us. Now is the time that the call shall sound from across the Rainbow Bridge and the Einherjar shall be summoned. If there yet remains and Einherjar fit to save mankind, let them now enter this place, let them now face the end with the strength and purpose for which they were made, for such is the will of Kord.



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