The Swordlands

Homecoming (Part 4)

As the doors silently slid open the adventurers saw beyond a vast circular chamber, apparently hewn from the quartz of the tower by tools of unknowable design. The chamber was some 120’ across, and in the center their attention was drawn to a soft ray of light that descended from the ceiling far, far above them where it’s origin was shrouded in the haze. Within the ray of light, scintilating colours of many hues slowly shifted around one another, spiralling ever downward.

At their level, a series of eight bridges converged through a ring and struck a pool of dark liquid some fifty feet below. The inky black liquid appeared to contain a kaleidoscopic array of tiny lights, many so small they appeared as shimmering nebulae carried on invisible currents. Larger lights winked like stars, such that the adventurers imagined for a moment that they were looking at a reflection of the night sky within the darkness of the pool.

Around the edges of the chamber at the end of each span of the bridge were positioned large alcoves in the quartz walls. In patterns across the floor of each alcove lay faintly glowing inscriptions,s ome form of ancient magical circle at the center of which, on a broad quartz plinth three feet high, rested an exquisite glass sphere, several feet in diameter.

Strangely, they noticed that, within the transluscent quartz walls, multicoloured networks of delicate veins extended from the level of the pool up through the walls, converging on the alcoves around the glass spheres.



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