The Swordlands

Homecoming (Part 6)

The adventurers were cautious in their investigation of the chamber. At length it could be seen that this was a laboratory of sorts, although to call it such did not do justice to the divine power which it possessed. Here was the place where the Einherjar created life. As best as the party could discern, and with Howl’s tentative recollections, the beam of rainbow light which filtered down from above imbued the dark pool with ‘sparks of life’ which gathered in constellations. The spheres appeared to be ‘wombs’, where perhaps a single spark would manifest into a living being.

On closer investigation it could be seen that each alcove contained racks of tools of an origin that seemed alien to the whole chamber. In dirty containers were rusty knives, scalpels and needles, some of the orbs still had such implements protruding from them. Phials of chemicals were also found that gave of a foul odour when opened. Dian Cecht quickly ascertained that whatever the original purpose of this room had been, now it had become a fleshwarping laboratory, probably the source of all the undead that plagued the Swordlands over the last century.

The area around one alcove was covered in blood, as if an orb had exploded, and in another alcove the orb was missing entirely. The party used ritual divination to learn what had occurred here. It was the spirits of the unformed lives in the pool who answered. They spoke in whispers of the only other creatures who had been here in recent times, an Einherjar, and then the Herald of Surtur. The party decided that this was Rivenhart and Siegmund. The explosion had been caused by Siegmund apparently.

When the adventurers finally decided to press on, Howl was quick to point out that a barely visible pair of doors, similar to the ones they had entered by, stood in the wall opposite. Approaching the doors, each of the remaining orbs around the room suddenly began to open.



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