The Swordlands

Homecoming (Part 7)

Emerging from the womb-orbs, a sickening array of fleshwarped monstrosities took form before their eyes. An emaciated looking humanoid, born aloft on wings of bone, came swooping across the chamber brandishing sword blades of hardened cartilege where its hands would have been. Another creature clambered across the ground on spidery limbs of rotting flesh and bone, instead of a spiders thorax hung limp corpse with arms and legs trailing lifelessly along the ground, at its head a faceful of eyes darting every which way. Other disgusting creatures slithered, crawled, staggered and lurched across the blood-stained floor of quartz towards the intruders. A swift and brutal battle ensued, in which Dian Cecht was nearly overcome by a necrotic wasting effect, until Aengus saved his father’s life by leaping with him into the pool below, where the radiant properties of the water healed him.

Finally managing to overcome Siegmunds arcane seal, the adventurers found beyond a passage that spiralled around the inside wall of the Crown, leading down to a long abandoned workshop in one direction, and leading up to a large door in the other.



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