The Swordlands

Rivenhart (Stat Block)

Lvl 20 Solo Warforged Death Knight

Medium Natural Humanoid (Undead Construct)

Init 30/20/10 (see powers below)
Senses Perception +20 HP 800
AC 35 (30 if dazed/stunned)
Fort 34 Refl 30 Will 32
Saves 0/ +2/ +5 (see below) Speed 5
Immunities: Disease, Poison Resistances: 10 Necrotic Vulnerabilities: Radiant 10

Str 24 ( +15) Con 30 ( +22) Dex 26 ( +16) Int 18 ( +10) Wis 24 ( +15) Cha 20 ( +11)


  • Warforged Resolve: Gain 20 temp HP, save vs ongoing damage, if bloodied, regain 20HP
  • Uncanny Riposte: 1/rnd when melee attack against Rivenhart misses, +14 vs AC, 2d8 +6, slide 1sq
  • Reflect Ranged attack: 1/rnd when ranged attack misses Rivenhart reflects it back at the attacker, +14 vs original defence, half original attack base damage
  • Will Of Iron: If Rivenhart is dazed he loses his initiative 10 action. If he is stunned he also loses his intitiative 20 action.
  • Resilience: -1sq from any push/pull/slide effect, 1/rnd save vs any teleportation effect at +5, if he saves the effect is reversed
  • Accept Your Challenge: When Rivenhart is marked by a foe, the foe is marked back. Rivenhart gains 10hp. The marker cannot finish their turn further away from Rivenhart than when they placed the mark or the mark ends.
  • Combat Challenge: Any foe that Rivenhart hits is marked until the end of his next turn
  • Code of The Legion: If Rivenhart attacks a foe that is stunned, helpless, blinded or unaware of him he loses 20HP
  • Armour Spikes: Rivenhart can suddenly sprout dozens of razor-sharp twisting spikes from his body. Any opponent that attempts to grapple Rivenhart will automatically take 2d8 +6 damage on their turn. If he loses his sword at any point he can use these instead to make attacks. He attacks at -4, -1 dice damage, -4 damage bonus.

Basic Attack

  • Legionary Attack: +20 vs AC, 2d8 +12
  • Legionary Defence: +20 vs Fort, push 2sq

Initiative 30 (Victor Of A Hundred Thousand Battles)

Begin the turn by shifting up to 2 squares

  1. Masterstroke: +20 vs AC, 2d8 +16, crit (18-20)
  2. Deep Cut: +20 vs Fort, 2d8 +16, push 2sq, immobilised until end of next turn, can use as a charge
  3. Feint: +20 vs Refl, 2d8 +8, shift 2sq, pull target 2sq, dazed until end of next turn
  4. Weave Through The Fray: Shift 6sq, make 1 attack at any point, +20 vs AC, 2d8 +6
  5. Storm Of Parries: Melee and Ranged attacks have 50% Miss chance until start of next turn, shift 2sq
  6. Summon Sword: Rivenhart can summon his sword from 20sq. It flies through the air. If it is held he makes an opposed Str vs Str check.

End the turn by making 1 saving throw at +0

Initiative 20 (Saviour Of The Crown Wars)

Begin the turn by shifting up to 3 squares

  1. Nidhog’s Blinding Strike: +19 vs Reflex, 3d8 +8, blinded (1 turn)
  2. Fenryr’s Savage Frenzy: close burst 5, +19 vs AC, 3d8 +8 (must not be dazed, stunned or immobilised)
  3. Angrbode’s Mighty Clutches: +19 vs Fortitude, disarm and knock prone, take hold of targets weapon or shield

End the turn by making 1 saving throw at +2

Initiative 10 (Sold His Soul To Hel)

Begin the turn by shifting up to 4 squares

  1. Hatred Of Life: Leap (shift) 4sq, +18 vs Fort, 2d8 +10, 1 healing surge, each round target must move speed away
  2. Wraith Storm: Range 6, close burst 1, howling spirits assail the will, +18 vs Will, 2d6 +10 Necrotic, slide 2sq, lose 1 healing surge per round (save ends) recharge 5/6
  3. Vile Embrace: Close Blast 4, stomach erupts with metallic/organic tentacles, +18 vs Refl, lose 1 healing surge, immobilised , ongoing 10 necrotic (save ends both) recharge 5/6
  4. Distended Maw: Range 3, horrific sound of tearing metal as jaw distends and neck elongates, +20 vs Refl, 2d10 +10, slide (throw) 4sq, lose 1 healing surge, ongoing 10 dam (save ends) recharge 5/6
  5. Stop The Heart: Razor-sharp talons punch into foes chest and grasp the heart, +18 vs fort, 2d10 +10, lose 1 healing surge, immobilised, ongoing 10 dam (save ends both) recharge 6
  6. Withering Gaze: Soulless eyes fix an opponent and age them, +18 vs Will, 2d8 +10 Necrotic, stun until end of next turn, ongoing 5 Necrotic, lose 1 healing surge per round, -1 all checks and attacks (save ends all) increase by -1 each failed save, recover check penalty at 1/rnd after save recharge 6
  7. Blade Barrier: Range 8, Wall 8, Height 2, Opponent takes 2d8 +10 on their turn, ongoing 10 necrotic (save ends), recharge 6
  8. Hel’s Mark: Close Burst 20, +18 vs Will, 2d6 +10 Necrotic, dazed (save ends), teleport to any space in the burst
    recharge 6

End the turn by making 1 saving throw at +5


Healing +26
Knowledge Religion +22, Arcana +22, Engineering +22, History +22
Perception +20
Endurance +30
Athletics +24



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