The Swordlands

Severance (Part 1)

The party decide to travel through the tomb of the Valkyr to Hamingjen, the ruined site where once stood the mighty city of Helman Fire-In-The-Fen. There they plan to conduct a ritual to destroy the Eye Of The Storm and slay Bangog, thereby severing the conjunction between the Feywild and the Swordlands.

Emerging from the tomb onto the mountain side the see the muddy banks of Dragon lake nestled among the snow-capped mountains which seperate the Swordlands from the Beastlands, the area of conjunction. At the waters edge stand a set of standing stones that represent all that remain of Helman’s kingdom.

The landscape is littered with stone statues, apparently signs of Bangog’s presence, her defeated foes that have been petrified where they stood. All manner of creatures from across the length and breadth of the realm have met their end here, including some that seem to have come from the Feywild. At the edge of the stone circle stands the figure of a drow knight poised as if in battle. Aengus identifies this as his father.

The party, together with the Valkyr and Sif, having assumed the form of a human warrior, take positions within the stone circle and ready themselves to begin the ceremony.



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