The Swordlands

The Battle Begins

Throughout the night Thunder resculpted himself. His thick layers of protection were sacrificed for increased speed and manouverability, and with his faith no longer an inhibitor he felt the fury of the storm he had so long suppressed begin to fill him. By the time Aengus had magically sculpted his shield into an enormous axe blade the warforged stepped into the murky light of the storm-cloud covered dawn, and Thunder had become Howl.

The party journeyed across the snowy crags until they found themselves walking through what appeared to have been a battlefield. The hillside was strewn with hundreds of bodies, berserkers of Himinborg lay amongst Half Orcs and Centaurs. There they met a group of knights Himinborg who were carrying some of their fallen comrades from the battlefield.

The party go with the knights to the Himinborg encampment. There they find the army of barbarians in high spirits, singing, drinking and brawling, much as they had been when the companions first entered the Great Hall of Himinborg many months ago. The end was nigh, and the berserkers of Kord found no reason to mourn the fallen. Each one of them was ready to die and they clearly planned to do so in a manner of which their god would approve.

In a pavillion of furs and skins the party meet with Serkeljof. Also present is Rusalka, leader of the Satyxis mercenaries. Two plans are proposed. Come the next dawn, Serkeljof will lead his horde against Siegmund’s lines in a mass assault. The battle has been in progress already for several days before the party’s arrival, and heavy losses had been sustained by both sides. Serkeljof plans to drive a wedge between the long lines of the Kreigschwein and destroy the Sleipnir stronghold in their canyon shelter.

Rusalka however claied to have discovered the location of Siegmund’s command post from where he has been watching and directing the battle. She intends to lead a group of her Satyxis across the crags, through a Kreigschwein encampment, and up a long and heavily guarded cliff paths in the ice-covered face of the Galdhoppigen to find Siegmund. The party decide to accompany Rusalka, and set off with the Satyxis a few hours before dawn.



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