The Swordlands

The Battle For The Next Age

As meteors blazed across the sky the icy mountain ranges all around the Crown of Byfrost glowed in the fire that covered the heavens. Having slain the spawn of three legendary monsters of Faerie, the adventurers had severed the planar conjunction formed from ancient bloodlines and saved the Feywild from sharing the same fate as the one in which they had fought and shed blood for the last year.

Now, having chosen to remain in this doomed world to witness Ragnarok, and to ensure that the savage warlord Siegmund did not sieze the salvation of Byfrost for his own ends, Master Gnome Death Dealer Karl ter Aelrinnath, Warforged Einherjar The Promise of Distant Thunder, Half Drow, Half Eladrin Swordmage Aengus Conleadh and his Drow father, the swordsman Dian Cecht stood poised to do battle with their final adversary.

It was apparent now that there lay a greater threat to the future of the next age of this strange and distant world than that of the tyrant Siegmund. A monster of epic proportions had arisen from within the ranks of the Einherjar themselves, the Warforged guardians of the Crown of Byfrost. Rivenhart, soldier of the ‘Legion That Waits’, had seen the most brutal and bloody wars that humanity had ever fought and had decided that humanity needed to be saved from itself. Now on the brink of creating a world where a new breed of undead replace all life forever, Rivenhart, who had defeated many powerful enemies to save mankind long ago, readied himself for the battle for the next age.



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