The Swordlands

The Death Of Siegmund

The four companions leapt into battle with the frenzied centaur, quickly finding themselves also fending off attacks from his summoned elementals. After a few moments, Rivenhart joined the fight against the Herald Of Surtur, and proved to be a fearless and capable ally. Having been bested by the warlord once before, the adventurers had been preparing themselves for this inevitable showdown. Aengus had crafted arms and armour to protect against Siegmund’s elemental might, Howl had engineered strategies to penetrate his swift defences, and Karl had a nasty trick up his sleeve that he had been saving for just such an occasion.

The party began by bearing the brunt of Siegmund’s charges, finding themselves leaping out of the way of the walls of fire that he left in his wake. But in time they succeeded in trapping him in a corner at which point Karl activated a magical ring that rooted everyone to the spot in which they stood. At that point, there was no escape for the barbarian. From where he was trapped, Siegmund rained down a savage onslaught of attacks from his fiery axe, and his reserves of stamina seemed inexhaustible, but finally it was the Death Dealer who struck the fatal blow, and Siegmund fell to the floor, choking on his own blood.



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