The Swordlands

The Journey To Hamingjen

As the last heir of Fenryr lay dying amongst the mud-brick dwellings of Mycklegarth the red sun began to descend in the sky. All about, the battle raged between the werewolves and the barghest until the sun had dipped below the horizon. The sun that should never set had fallen into the underworld within minutes of the death of Fenryr’s bloodline. The disjunction had begun, the bond with the Feywild was breaking. The curse of lycanthropy quickly vanished, leaving packs of feral wolves where once were werewolves, and mangey mongrels where there had been barghest. The canines scattered into the forest, their combined howling and yapping fading into the air.

Facing the prospect of a 1000 mile march southwards to Hamingjen, the party decided to construct a ritual to seek a faster means of reaching their destination. Making their way to a craggy lookout in the light of the moon they began their individual contributions to the ceremony. Thunder prayed to Kord for the speed of the storm, Aengus used Fey magic to make a bridge from moonbeams, Oellorn hurled his sword into the sky, carrying him with it. Karl, overcome by the feral rage with which he had been previously stricken had run into the forest after the wolves.

The next morning the party found themselves in a verdant forest grove, standing at a crossroads where also waiting was Sigurd. In the sky above the thick forest canopy they could see winged creatures, apparently pegasi, descending towards a nearby hilltop. Making their way through forest the see the winged horses grazing on the hillside, as a group of Kenku Horse-Eaters creep towards them with knives and hooks at the ready. Knowing that startling the pegasi will mean losing them the party engage the kenku hunters in a quiet battle, in which movement is slow and voices are low. The party find the battle fustrating, and they are soon joined by Karl who snipes from the tree line. Aengus meanwhile uses Fey magic to communicate with the pegasi and draw them away from the battle until he is finally able to mount one and fly them away from the fight. Dispatching the last of the Kenku the party are able to fly over the mountainous terrain, along the course of the Skoningjen Way.

5 days of flight bring them some 800 miles to Dragon Lake where they see a huge storm has blown in from across the Endless Sea. As they descend to land on the shore they are attacked by an enormous draconic creature lurking beneath the lake. The creature appears to be some kind of Faerie dragon. It’s body is covered in millions of fronds of glowing light and rainbow hues are cast in the water that pours from it’s writhing coils. It opens up with it’s breath weapon which leaves Karl and Oellorn struggling to throw off the effects of petrification. The party rally to attack the dragon discovering it is resilient and well-armoured against all their attacks. They succeed in landing a series of blows, flying their winged mounts in and out of the all-encompassing radiant dragon coils.

Then the storm hits them. The party and the dragon are swept up in an enormous cyclone and thrown out of control (see an approximation of the mechanics here). within the storm the party struggle to retain control of their mounts while colliding with all manner of strange creatures and objects. Eventually Thunder finds his way into the dead zone at the center of the storm and retrieves ‘The Eye Of The Storm’.

When the cyclone dissipates the exhausted party make a camp far from the lake in the foothils of the mountains around Dragon Lake. They estimate that they are somewhere near Saalsgard, the home of Aldis and the Dragonborn. That night, whilst hunting moor-hen Karl finds weather-worn stone statues of ogres and orcs along an ancient decrepid paved road, probably the last leg of the Skoninjen Way.

That night Sigurd, Oracle of Kord, dreams The Chronicles of Wyrm and Man.

In the clear light of morning it is revealed that an entire army of ogres and orcs stand petrified along the road. Oellorn identifies this as the lichen-covered remains of a Mammoth Clan army, who were said to have marched against Bangog over 100 years ago. Needless to say they never returned. This loss was almost the end of the feared Mammoth Clan until they allied with the fledgling Prince Kindrbode.



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