The Swordlands

Time To Exit Stage Left

A Memory

“War is a storm,” speaks The Precision Of A Sharpened Blade, “It rises from peace and destroys all in it’s path.”

“War is a savage animal,” speaks The Link In The Chain, “It cannot be tamed and answers to no master.”

Five hundred knights are seated around the circular banks of the great hall. Through a shared understanding, each speaks in turn, without interuption, without hesitation.

“We have seen war before,” begins Requiem, “But never such as this.”

“The Crown has never been contested before.” answers The Bright Fury Of Kord, “Next time we should remain unknown.”

“If this conflict continues we will see the end of Byfrost.” speaks The Strength of Steel, “Man will destroy all in his desire to possess it. There will be no Crown, there will be no Bridge, there will be no Next Time.”

“Then we hand over the Crown. Bor is yet strong, we will make a peace with him.” speaks Life’s Bright Spark.

“No one man may hold the Crown.” speaks This May Hurt A Little, “There is no hero nor king who may wield it’s power or harness it’s knowledge. It is the unknowable. It is death. It is salvation. It has always been so.”

“We must protect the Crown from all dangers.” speaks Furious Purpose, “We must safeguard the salvation of mankind. Kord wills it.”

“But to save mankind we must fight them.” states Attitude Adjuster.

“This is not Kord’s will. This is not as it was ordained.” returns The Strength of Steel once more, “We are sworn to the care of man. To bear arms against them is to betray our very creation. Kord gives us strength. The strength of wisdom. The strength of purpose.”

“The strength of courage.” speaks The Darkening Of The Sky At Sunset.

“The strength of vision.” speaks A Ring Of Truth.

“The strength of will.” speaks The First Step On A Long Journey.

“The strength of age.” speaks Rude Awakening.

“The strength of patience.” speaks Silence Between Breaths.

“The strength of forgiveness.” speaks Cessation Of Hostilities.

One knight stands up at the back of the hall.

“My brothers and sisters, what I am to propose will ensure that Byfrost remains undiscovered, and that the Bridge remains intact…”



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