Tag: Drow


  • The Drow Ship

    Swooping forwards out of the darkness, lit by lights on the deck, came a contraption such that Karl had never seen before. It was like a large sailing-ship, but instead of sails it had two huge balloons extended over the top of it. Each had a bright light …

  • The Cloud of Fire

    As the Drow ship sailed ever onwards, silent and smooth along the massive chain, the time passed slowly. After some hours of travel, a sudden whispering voice raised Aengus from thoughts of his family. “My Lord,” whispered the voice of Karl from above, …

  • On The Lash

    The two Fire Lashers stood towards the ends of the deck, one battling and burning the Troglodytes as they did their best to fight back, the other engaging the party and the Derro. Around the ship, the remaining fire bats still circled. One circled a …

  • The End of the Family

    As Karl stood shouting his defiance at the Drow surrounding the party, Rubella stepped up to lay claim to him. Hissing in rage, she slashed with her claws. Karl, however, was too quick for her and pulled back a step, dodging her blow. Sigurd, meanwhile …

  • Guningagap

    *From 'Ginungagap', a song from Wayweary*
    _It was Time's morning,_
    _When there nothing was;_
    _Nor sand, nor sea,_
    _Nor cooling billows._
    _Earth there was not,_
    _Nor heaven above._
    _The Ginungagap was,_
    _But grass …