Arch Fey

For hundreds of years the Swordlands has been host to many and varied creatures of the Feywild and Feydark, known here as Aelfheim and Svartlheim. To the eyes of mortals, these beings appear much like gods: powerful, mysterious, at times mischevious, at times benign, at times malevolant. Little is known about how these creatures came into this world, except that during The Crown Wars long ago, three kings summoned the first three such beings to fight for them.

The murals of Glorium detail many of the Arch Fey who are currently revered across the Swordlands:

  • A woman tending the apple trees in an orchard. Her distinctive bunched hair identifies her as Appleseed, spirit of youth and guardian of the young.
  • A cobbler wearing a single oversized boot on his right foot is Thickmostshoe. He collects all wasted and unused shoe leather to fashion his almighty boot. He is the patron of prudence and foresight.
  • A handsome man with gold for teeth looks at his reflection in a pool. He is Goldteeth, the reflection spirit of vanity, and ones inner voice or conscience.
  • A man hangs by his neck from a tree. The ravens pecking out his eyes indicate that he is The Hanged Man, king of foolish wisdom and irony.
  • An old man sits in a circle of children. His oversized head denotes that he is Storybreath, an everchanging spirit who moves within stories from one teller to the next. He signifies change and dreams.
  • Two goats charge down either side of a mountain. They are Thunder and Lightning, spirits of the storm.
  • A woman sits at a wheel spinning gold from her own hair. She is Goldenhair, the spirit of battle and perfection.
  • A naked giant strides through the ocean which reaches only his ankles at its deepest. He is Cleanfoot, patron of fishermen and sailors.
  • A woman sweeps back the tide from the shore with a broom. She is Lady Snowshoes, spirit of the hunt and the land. Wife to Cleanfoot, she works hard to keep her husband in his place, as with any relationship of give and take.
  • A young maiden looks down from atop a waterfall while children play in the village below. The name of this spirit is unknown but it is believed to be the forgotten guardian spirit of Kindraed, known only as The Weeping Maiden.

Other such beings include:

  • The mysterious Mistress Night And Day, ruler of the Underworld, shepherd of souls. Robed half in white and half in black, she awaits those who do not meet a good death (such as those who die from betrayal, cowardice, disease, and old age).

Mistress Night and Day was later revealed to be the Arch-Fey Hel, who rules the Drow city of Guningagap.

  • The first three: Fenryr, Angrbode, and Nidhog.

It is later revealed that Fenryr was a progenitor lycanthrope of Feywild origin, and Angrbode was the mother of the Formorian giants who emerged from the realms of the Feydark.

  • The Boon Companion

Building a ship from the nails of dead men is The Boon Companion, or The Apple Thief. He is the trickster spirit who helps as much as he hinders. One of the more recent ‘new powers’ to be revered The Boon Companion is little understood and his manifestations are extremely rare.

Arch Fey

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