Augenbricht was the seat of power of King Bor, in the time before the Crown Wars. Bor was known as a good king, trusted by the Legion as a calm and measured voice in troubled times. Bor was killed in the bloodbath that followed but his descendants have ruled from Augenbricht since that time.

Just on the edges of Bangog’s realm they have escaped her attentions, and the town of Augenbricht has quietly perservered. The worship of the spirits of Aelfheim is strong here since the conjunction and the arrival of the new gods of faerie. However, since the disjunction, things have changed quite dramatically in a once peaceful town.

The name of Maiden of Augenbricht is an honor bestowed upon a young woman of the town who is chosen by the priesthood each year to embody the power of their patron spirit Lady Snowshoes. The maiden is dressed in a ceremonial floral headress and robes, and throughout her ‘reign’ is treated with utmost respect and reverance, as a sign of the peoples gratitude for the many sacrifices that her upcoming marital life will demand, and for the ever-present gifts of nature’s bounty itself. Each year a new maiden is chosen, with each reign culminating in the union of land and sea, a reenactment of the marriage of Lady Snowshoes and Cleanfoot, in which the chosen maiden is ceremonially dunked in the well.

The current Lord of Augenbricht is Braer, a direct descendant of Bor. He is joined in his hall by his battle thanes Braggi, Barag, and Brandt, who since the disappearance of their patron spirits have taken to wild merry making, keen to toast in the end of the world. Braer’s wife, Brichta, watches silently as the lord’s hall descend into chaos nightly.

Meanwhile in the town, Bren the priest of the vanished gods leads the townsfolk in their grieving, and preaches a message of despair and doom. Braer’s daughter, Bryony, is the current Maiden of Augenbricht. As her reign comes to an abrupt end, the future of Augenbricht is uncertain.


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