Ragnarok as told by Sigurd of Concordance

I dreamt of Concordance, the shining city on the sea where I was born. It seems so far away now.

In my dream, I was still a child – a slight plain girl whom nobody noticed. My older brothers were fishermen and this day I had persuaded them to take me with them. We sailed from the tiny shack on the dock where we lived out into Concordance harbour.

Our boat bobbed on the waves. The sun shone brightly. As the day progressed, my brothers caught many fish in their nets. We would not go hungry tonight, or for many nights. The sun shone brighter still. Every time they cast their nets into the bright green bay, they would drag them back and they would be silver with fish. The fish were we thrown to me where I would pound them with my small hands until they died. The sun shone ever more bright. My fists were slick with fish guts and still my brothers dragged more fish into the boat.

A shadow crossed the sun. A wave taller than all the white spires of Concordance sped towards us. My brothers rowed furiously for shore. Flapping fish fell from the boat into the sea. It was no use. The wave struck the boat and all were lost but I. A hand – strong, protective, gentle – held me in the sea and carried me to land – the hand of Melora. I came to the shore amid the death and destruction of the finest city in the world. A rainbow curved over the wreckage.

I awoke from my dream.

Ragnarok as told by Sigurd of Concordance

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