The triumph of magic, the mystery of life and the horror of war personified.

Created as soldiers for a war that defined the end of an age, warforged are artifical beings that display a human level of intelligence and self-awareness.

Each Warforged has a unique rune on it's forehead, much like humans have unique fingerprints. This rune is called a Ghulra, a word that means "truth" in an ancient language, no longer spoken.

Ghulra are the unique symbols on the head of each Warforged. They identify the name and rank of each member of the Legion That Waits, but to learn the various patterns can take non-Warforged a long time.

The Legion That Waits was a group of Warforged Clerics of Kord that were created to aid mankind in Ragnarok. It appears, however, that they have been destroyed or corrupted, as their Ghulra have been found.

Warforged eyes sometimes glow when they experience particularly strong emotion.

Warforged Names – a list of potential Warforged names to be drawn upon when creating magic items.


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