High adventure on the ruggid frontiers of the Swordlands, where the Feywild meets the mortal realms. Much like a Wagnerian opera, the Swordlands campaign is built on four cycles.

1. The Cauldron

The cauldron is the coming together of disparate elements. It is associated with homecoming, pact, and prophecy. The cycle of the Cauldron is tempestous throughout the land. Thunderstorms rage across the Kindersee, snow storms shroud the mountains.

In this cycle, a group of Auslanders are drawn together by prophecies of Ragnarok. They sail into a frozen land not found on any maps they possess, where they learn of a war between mankind and creatures of the Feywild. Finally they encounter powerful Arch-Fey, who reveal to the adventurers why they have been summoned.

2. The Sword

The sword is the severance of the body from the spirit. It is associated with skill, death, and freedom. During the cycle of the Sword the land wears a blood-red shroud. Even the sun, the sky, and the moon are veiled in crimson.

In this cycle the Auslanders travel into the Beastlands, tasked with the destruction of three ancient and powerful beings whose bloodlines have created a conjunction between worlds now doomed to share each other’s fate.

3. The Spear

The spear is the piercing revelation. It is associated with light, truth, knowledge, and justice. The cycle of the Spear is as still and cold as death itself.

With the disjunction complete and the Feywild saved from Ragnarok, the Auslanders prepare for the end of the world. Salvation, it seems, lies with the legendary Crown Of Byfrost, for ‘he who holds the Crown holds the Bridge, and from the Rainbow Bridge shall the last among men watch the giants fall.’

4. The Stone

The stone is the seed. It is associated with patience, resolve, sacrifice, and renewal. The cycle of the Stone is a riot of colour, as if the very land itself comes to life. Creatures unheard of at other times of the year manifest.