The Swordlands

Bahamut's Warning

Beyond the party discover a complex of rooms and passages which house the remains of many dragonborn knights. Karl manages to disarm a series of traps and they find an inscription in one of the larger rooms of the tomb.

Tread now among lords of Dragon
Scions of Wyrm and Man
Bound to the service of Sif
Through sword and fire
Honoured intruder know this
Bahamut forgives all but sacriledge

In different rooms the party find a total of 3 more glowing orbs set into the walls. It appears that when pressed together they will trigger something. They also find the remains of twisted draconic creatures known as dragonspawn, evil mutations that Bangog uses as her agents. They all appear to have died horrible deaths. One lies on the floor near a magical font filled with molten gold near to one of the glowing orbs. It’s head is encased in gold. One lies crushed and mangled in a pit at the bottom of which another glowing gem is set in the floor. In the larger room filled with magical traps stands a similar creature apparently made of solid gold. A third glowing gem is set into the wall of a nearby crypt chamber.

The adventurers separate and, standing in their respective rooms, simultaneously touch the gems.



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