The Swordlands


Beyond the crypt complex the adventurers enter a large golden chamber in which waits an enormous gold dragon. This magnificent creature appears to have only one wing, the other having been torn off. The gold dragon studies them a moment before deciding that they are not agents of Bangog. The dragon introduces herself as Sif, leader of the Valkyr, and is puzzled as to why the undead guardians of the tomb attacked them. They discover that within the Eye of the Storm they have trapped the faerie dragon Bangog. Carrying it with them the tomb guardians sensed the presence of the enemy and attacked.

Together they discuss how they can go about defeating Bangog. The Eye of the Storm is an artifact, and if they can devise an appropriate ritual it may be possible to kill the evil dragon without a fight.


I totally did not get that Sif only had one wing in your description. That does explain why she’s not keen on fighting Bangog again!


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