The Swordlands

Ogre Bridge (Part 1)

Several days travel across the mudflats that once had been Dragon Lake led the companions to the foot hills of the great range of mountains that reached from Hamingjen in the south to Mycklegarth in the north. All along this range stretched the Skoninjen Way, which Thunder now recalled having walked the entire length of many hundreds of years ago. His memory of the route through the mountains was reinforced by that of countless other legionaries who had lived for thousands of years, such that he felt as if he knew every twist and turn intimately.

As the keeper of the Legion and of the combined memories of it’s soldiers, Thunder felt closer to the land than ever before. In one instant he had been transformed from a soldier lost in time, struggling to find fragments of his own past, to possessing knowledge beyond all reckoning, understanding every detail of the land, every facet of it’s workings. In time he would be able to control these memories and use them at will. Along the way he had had time to reflect on the fact that his knowledge of the land was detailed, yet some 500 or so years out of date. It may be the case that entire towns that he once knew now no longer existed, the devastation of the Crown Wars having been so extensive. Such was definately the case for the village of Tilden’s Watch, where he had once been reforged after an encounter with some ferocious beast.

The party made a camp in some caves in the side of a gorge that cut through the mountains. Here, the Skoninjen Way led through a narrow rocky ravine and out into a long stretch of forest and a valley that would take them toward Byfrost, As Thunder pictured the route in his mind. When the party had riden pegasi over this route from Mycklegarth they had found an army of Ogres, petrified like statues, no doubt victims of Bangog’s wrath some time in the past. They appeared to have been members of the Mammoth Clan, a particularly fearsome clan of ogres.

Oellorn had told them that several hundred years ago the Mammoth Clan had marched from the far north-east near Thruthgelmir all the way towards Hamingjen intent on usurping Bangog’s power, most probably driven to do so by their Formorian masters. Bangog had clearly prevailed and the entire army turned to stone as they had been marching. Now however, they were unclear as to what they might find, as they had seen that destroying the serpent queen had released her former victims from petrification

That night the adventurers heard strange sounds in the darkness. Some kind of foul creature was loose, calling with a vile and gutteral roar. Later that night Aengus awoke the party when he espyed a group of ogres drawing closer. The party set an ambush for the patrol and slew them easily. Examining the bodies they saw that these indeed appeared to be from the same tribe that they had found turned to stone some days before.

The next day they caught sight of a long bridge that had been built long ago high across the ravine. While now it was possible to walk across the mud and rocks along the bottom of the gorge as the party had been doing, not long ago it would have been filled with a mighty river. On the bridge it could be seen that the ogres had made a camp. The party estimated there to be some fifty or so of the savage monsters. Presumably, hundreds of them had not survived reanimation.

Along the bridge could also be seen several human captives. It was early dawn and the camp was still mostly asleep. The adventurers decided that the would launch a head on assault on the ogres while they had the advantage.



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