The Swordlands

Ogre Bridge (Part 2)

Approaching the bridge in the cover of the rocks along the side of the gorge the party saw that it was collapsed at it’s mid-section. All the way along up to that point were the tents and fires of the Ogre camp. The Mammoth Clan, once almost wiped out by the serpent queen Bangog was back, and they had already, it appeared, taken to seizing human captives.

Tied to stakes at intervals along the broad stone causeway were semi-conscious figures, bloodied and beaten, no doubt awaiting to be sacrificed to the foul Ogre deity known only as The Great Maw. A typical offering to this dark entity might consist of victims being partially eaten by the leaders of the tribe, then flung screaming from a great height into a pit of spikes, representing the teeth of the Ever-Hungry. In this case, it could be seen that long wooden stakes had been driven into the earth below the bridge. Thereabouts lay the remains of some previous sacrificial victims. The party decided that they would rescue the captives from a similar fate by launching a headlong assault on the entire Ogre encampment, starting at the near-side of the bridge where it adjoined the face of the gorge and, gods willing, ending with the death of the chieftain who was no doubt still fast asleep after a long night of feasting and drinking at the other end of the causeway, where the bridge had crumbled and collapsed.

Karl and Aengus spotted 2 sentries at the start of the brisge, who sat idly behind low walls of stones that had apparently been hastily constructed within the last few days. Creeping as close as they could they leapt out and dispatched the guards, giving Thunder and Dian-Cecht a chance to rush forward and leap upon the nearest group of Ogres.

All along the bridge were gatherings of brutish Ogre warriors. At this early stage in the day the camp was half asleep and so by the time the party had slaughtered their way through 30 or so Ogres the chieftain had just managed to rally his forces and form a defence against the sudden onslaught.

Karl weaved a dance of death across the bridge, zigging, zagging, with Ogres lurching and toppling over as he passed. His knives flashed, and blood sprayed in his wake. Aengus teleported here and there, blasts of arcane energy and alchelmical explosions sending the bleary-eyed Ogres flying into the air, many falling to their deaths some 100 feet below. Dian-Cecht advanced steadily behind the others, dispatching those who had barely survived the initial blistering assault. Meanwhile, Thunder strode down the center of the bridge, smiting this way and that, crushing Ogre skulls with a fearsome display of sword and shield work.

Finally the party faced the Ogre chieftain. As his guards fell dead around him, the howling beast rushed forward and laid into the attackers with his swirling flails, nearly sending several of them over the edge of the bridge. Leaping upon him the adventurers drove him back to the crumbling edge where, seeing the end was imminent, he leapt backwards to his death, screaming a foul curse in the name of his deity.

Freeing the captives, the adventurers learned that they had been taken from the town of Augenbricht, nearly a days march from the bridge. After stopping to regain their strength and feed the grateful yet hungry townspeople, the group continued onwards.



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