The Swordlands

The Day That Never Comes

A Memory

The Strength of Steel stands before the legion for the last time.

“Soldiers of the Legion, we have failed in our sworn duty. No strategem can avail against this foe, no parley can placate it. Our very presence here is a threat to that which we hold most sacred, and so we must retreat from the world.

One among you, however, shall remain. One among you shall sound the call, when the time is near. The council has considered the matter and we have chosen one who is suited to the task. The burden upon you is heavy. You must watch while all of your brothers sleep. You shall remain alone, without solace nor succour while chaos reigns around you, and you shall wait. You shall witness horrors unimaginable and you shall question your very existence, but you shall overcome your fear and you shall hold true to your solemn duty. You shall wait. The rank of Awakener is no blessing, it is a curse, and this curse you shall bear for an unknowable time, and still you shall wait. When the end is at hand you shall sound the call and your brothers will awaken once more to fight the war at the end of time.

Let that one among you who has been chosen for this task now make themselves known.”

From amongst the ordered ranks, a single warforged takes one step forward.



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