The Swordlands

The End Is Nigh (Part 2)

Bryony led the party up the steep hill through the town of Augenbricht. Soon they arrived at the doors of a great hall. From inside could be heard the sound of raucous merry making, and the light of many torches shone from the high windows.

Entering the hall the adventurers found Lord Braer and his thanes in a state of wild abandon. While the townsfolk below wailed and cried to a message of doom, the warriors drank, fought, and sang songs to welcome the coming of Surtur.

Making their way through the wild throng the party found Braer collapsed in inebriation into his throne at the end of the hall.

“Welcome whoever you are,” spluttered Braer, “Come and drink with us, for this may be our last night in the land of the living!”

Thunder stepped forward and channeled his healing magic so as to sober the drunken Braer in but an instant.

“Lord Braer, I am Einherjar and I have lived for a thousand years and more. I knew your ancestor Bor when he was alive many hundreds of years ago. He was a good king and faced the perils of his age with courage and wisdom. If he were with us now I am certain that he would ask of you to do the same.”

Braer wept at the Warforged’s words and asked forgiveness for his abandon. He told the adventurers that they were welcome in the town of Augenbricht if they could help rid them of a terrible creature that came in the night to prey upon them. The party agreed and arranged for a trap to be set in the town square.



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