The Swordlands

The Eye Of The Storm

At length, Sif summoned the Valkyr with a roar. Ripples spread through the golden walls of the large chamber in which the adventurers stood, and from beyond strode several dozen powerful looking draconic knights dressed in ornate platemail armour, bearing swords, shields and lances. At the front was Aldis, who stood a foot taller than the others and at whose shoulders a mighty set of wings lay folded.

“So it is true.” spoke Aldis, after examining the Eye of the Storm, “This explains Bangog’s silence of late. We must act quickly if we are to take advantage of our enemies vulnerability. Let us study our options. If we seek to destroy this artifact and it’s contents we must perform a ritual which draws upon it’s associations. We understand the following to be true:

“The Eye of the Storm is of Feywild origin. It belongs to The Hanged Man, or Odin as he is known there. He is the spirit of foolish wisdom and irony. Take nothing for granted when this being is involved.

“Bangog is a faerie dragon, the spawn of Nidhog, who was summoned five centuries ago by a king named Helman Fire-In-The-Fen, at a place called Hamingjen. These ruins are now Bangog’s lair.

“Bangog’s destruction will, we believe, result in the severance of the conjunction between the Feywild, this artifacts origin, and the Swordlands, where we now stand. The effects of the final stage of this disolution will undoubtedly be dramatic.

“Your own personal affiliations may also play a role in this process, as it will be for you to orchestrate and perform the ceremony.

“Know that should this ritual not succeed, and that should we survive the aftermath and face Bangog unleashed, the battle will be fierce. The Valkyr will stand beside you in this fight, if we are still able.”

The adventurers considered this for some time before deciding on a course of action…



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