The Swordlands

The Fleshwarped Terror

It was revealed that of late the town had been beset by a creature of great evil that had come out of the mountains to the east. Each night it would return to claim innocent lives, whoever was caught outside when night fell was easy prey to this terrible foe, who would leave it’s victims dead with faces contorted in horror. The party realised that this could have been the creature responsible for the sounds they had heard across the mudflats of Dragon Lake some days before.

As the night fell on Augenbricht the adventurers prepared an ambush in the town square. Together with Braer and a group of his bravest thanes they lay in wait in the houses around the square while Karl would act as bait.

In the still of night they heard the creature approaching. Rasping, gutteral wailing and roaring at first in the distance and then closer, and closer still. Peering through the windows they caught sight of a single humanoid figure moving through the market place. Karl steeled himself and walked out into the darkness, whistling a tune as he went. As he neared the shambling figure it roared, spitting phlegm and bile. It was the size of a large, hunched man, dressed in tatters of cloth, and appeared to be formed entirely out of a mass of eyeballs which popped and opened like sores and boils. The creature lurched towards the solitary gnome and fixed a dozen piercing eyes on him. Karl felt his blood freeze in his veins and tried to dive for cover but found that he could barely move. The rest of the adventurers, together with Braer and his thanes, burst forth from their hiding places and ran forward to battle the creature.

As each party member tried to launch an attack the creature retaliated. Hundreds of eyes about the foul beast’s form whirled, popped and squinted, tracking each and every combatant simultaeneously. The adventurers felt their life force draining away as the creature belched and gurgled, they began to freeze where they stood and only with a tremendous force of will could they move at all.

There in the darkness of Augenbricht town square the party battled the creature in a long and exhausting fight. Many times each of them came close to complete paralysis as the creatures eyes fixed icy glares upon them but with great courage they fought on until eventually they succeeded in cutting the beast into it’s constituent eyeballs, which suddenly collapsed upon themselves and rolled about the ground in a pool of ichor.

Aengus and Thunder examined the creatures remains. They determined that it was certainly a form of undead, and strangely enough it appeared to be fleshwarped. Aengus reminded the party of their encounters in Guningagap, the Drow city of Svartlheim, the Feydark, where Hel reigned supreme. There they had fought fleshwarpers, who through alchelmy and magic created a form of undeath particularly foul and repulsive. This creature shared some of it’s characteristics with the dark craft of his kin, although he could not explain how it came to be here.



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