The Swordlands

The Herald Of Surtur

The party leave Augenbricht and meet Sigurd and Oellorn at a crossroads in the snowy hills. Sigurd warns them that Siegmund’s army is marching to intercept them, and says that there are two paths towards the Galdhopiggen glacier. The first leads through the crags where wolves are known to prowl, and the second leads past the thermal springs of Vulfur. It has been reported that Siegmund travels to the thermal pool to bathe each night. Curiously, he travels alone and returns alone.

The companions decide to take the route that may bring them into contact with Siegmund, and journey for some days before reaching the ice canyons where they find the bubbling lake. That evening they take their rest in a cave overlooking the steam-filled canyon. The night sky is filled with shooting stars, and Aengus remarks that they are travelling west to east, just as Surtur is prophesised to come from the west. Standing guard at the cave mouth Thunder notices a centaur approaching. They circle the figure and find themselves face to face with the beastman Siegmund.

Siegmund demands the Ghulra, but the party mock his words. Wasting no time they launch into battle. Siegmund is seen to be a seemingly unstoppable opponent, driving them back with his powerful charges, and scattering them with his flaming great-axe. He demonstrates magical powers that Aengus recognises as those of a warlock, and reveals himself to be the Herald Of Surtur.

Aengus wields his fey magic and causes Siegmund some distraction, while Karl inflicts a heavy wound while rolling between the hooved legs of the beastman. Thunder fends off attack after attack as the savage centaur focusses all his efforts on the Einherjar until finally he falls. Karl attempts to take the ghulra but Siegmund beats him to it. The now wounded centaur arrogantly spits on the rocks and departs as a shadowy cloud of bats. The party are heavily wounded, and they lift the body of their fallen comrade from the steaming pool. As broiling storm clouds rapidly begin to obscure the starry sky, it appears as if The Promise Of Distant Thunder may not survive the night.


Wow, that is a fantastic piece of art, Joe.

The Herald Of Surtur

Thanks! Despite borrowing large chunks of it from elsewhere, I was pleased with how it came out!

The Herald Of Surtur

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