The Swordlands

The Sleipnir

From the snow covered fir forests and barren icy plains of the Beastlands come the Sleipnir, Siegmund’s fearsome Centaur berserkers. The descendants of faerie beings and mortals they have made their home in the wild lands under the iron rule of the Herald Of Surtur himself.

The Sleipnir are named for the fact that they have remained so aloof from contact with Swordlanders and Auslanders alike, and yet their warlord has been preparing them for battle over many years. Now they have arrived at the foot of the Galdhopiggen and the ice fields of the Bay of Bjorn to do battle with their hated foes: Himinborg.

The Sleipnir are strong and fierce warriors, favouring the headlong rush over all strategies. Their full strength is as yet untested, but it is said that no force can withstand it’s mighty charge. Kullerwohnen, the Sleipnir cheiftain, leads this warband second only to Siegmund.

The Sleipnir are known to keep packs of savage white wolves as pets and hunting beasts. They are highly skilled in training these creatures and are said to use them in battle to bring down the enemy ahead of the heavy charge. It was tactics such as these that led to the destruction of several entire clans of orcs and ogres in the far northern reaches of the Beastlands, from where the Sleipnir originate.


Fearsome charge? Me and Karl and going to have something to say about that.

The Sleipnir

At this point I recall the earthmote battle when a minotaur tried to charge a gnome. The poor brute is now in minotaur hell before Baphomet himself, still trying to explain what happened…

The Sleipnir

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