The Swordlands

The Tomb Of The Valkyr

Swimming down and down through the long natural shaft the party are attacked by swarms of skeletal dragon fish. Just when they seem to be gaining the upper hand a huge zombie dragon eel rises from below and swallows Karl whole. Aengus teleports Karl out of the belly of the beast but not before more skeletal dragon fish trapped in the dragon eels stomach set upon him. The adventurers battle the leviathon as it swims through the tunnel and eventually succeed in driving it off.

The vertical shaft twists and turns and as the water breathing rituals were beginning to wear off the party emerges into a vast natural cavern. Here a stoney beach rises from the flowing stream. The adventurers notice smooth pebble-sized nuggets of pure gold amongst the stones. At the far side of the cavern stand a large pair of golden doors. Three glowing orbs are set into the wall around the doors, one on either side and one above. 2 large golden sarcophagi bearing images of dragon born knights indicate that this is the place they were looking for.

Curiously, hundreds of bottles float on the surface of the water, washed up on the stoney beach. Inside each appears to be some parchment and some gems. Opening one the party find a message written in a draconic script, mentioning the Valkyr. They decide that these must be some form of prayers.

After some investigation they discover that touching each of the 3 glowing gems set around the doors at the same time unlocks the magical seal and causes them to open.



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