The Swordlands

The Trap Is Sprung

As Thunder presses one of the orbs a draconic wraith made of blood manifests and attacks him, using it’s breath weapon to drench him with blood and instill a growing panic in him. Thunder stands his ground and resists the urge to flee through the large room filled with vicinity-trigger magical blasting traps.

Aengus presses another orb in the room with the magical font. A draconic wraith made of golden vapour manifests and attempts to gain control of his mind. The wraith instructs Aengus to drink from the Font of Purification. Despite his efforts Aengus succumbs to the wraiths psychic attack and plunges his head into the molten gold. Blinded and burned he uses cold magic to counter it’s worst effects.

As Karl presses the final orb in the pit the floor he is standing on suddenly drops into the darkness in but a heartbeat. He plummets 100 feet onto the solid gold slabs on which he was standing a moment before, next to the crushed remains of the dragonspawn. He survives the fall and sees there at the bottom of the pit a large golden door with 3 more orbs placed around it. Karl tries a series of acrobatic manouveres to press all 3 within a split second but eventually settles on the idea of using one of the dead dragonspawn’s severed hands to trick the mechanism into operating.

Moments after the trap is sprung it resets. The wraiths disappear and the pit trap catapults Karl up 100 feet again, slamming him into the ceiling. After the party rest and recover from their injuries they devise a plan to trigger the trap and reach the last golden door in time to open it. Using severed hands from the dragonspawn they fool the orbs into activating and open the door at the bottom of the pit before the trap resets itself again.



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