The Swordlands

We Are Destiny

In an instant Thunders eyes began glowing brightly, brighter than before. He felt a surge of energy and a rush of power. All his resolve returned to him and he felt renewed. He saw mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, roads, towns, villages flash before his eyes. He saw the faces of people as if he had met them all himself. He saw kings in their halls, warriors on the field of battle, he saw Warforged standing tall and proud at the roof of the world. Within moments he understood what he was experiencing.

The sum total of all memories owned by the Warforged of The Legion That Waits were now in his possession. He saw every tiny detail of the land from a dozen viewpoints, every tree and hill, every rock and stone, every house and the faces of everyone that had ever lived in thousands of years in thousands of lifetimes came to him in but an instant. Thunder reeled from the onslaught of memories, eventually managing to control his thoughts and come back to his senses.

“I know where Byfrost is.” he whispered, “I can see it clearly in my mind, it is many days travel from here, but I know how to get there. I can climb to the top if I focus my mind, but then the light grows so bright I cannot see.”

“Then are we to assume that the Crown of Byfrost, the salvation of mankind from Ragnarok, is not so much an object, but a place?” suggested Aengus.

“I believe you are correct. It is THE place.” replied the Warforged, “It is the home of the Legion That Waits. It is the top of the mountain, and I can feel it calling me, it is a powerful compulsion to see that place again. He who holds The Crown holds The Bridge, and from The Byfrost Bridge shall the last among men watch the giants fall.

“Indeed,” spoke Aengus, “Should we follow that path, and risk leading Siegmund to the Crown too?”

“If destiny requires Siegmund to be present then it shall come to pass.” declared Karl.

Dian-Cecht stood by impassively. “The Feywild is free from Ragnarok. We have done what we came to do. From this moment on, we are destiny.”

The companions discussed how they should proceed at some length. Aengus suggested that they should examine the other items that they had recovered from Siegmund’s laboratory all that time ago, items that had, until now, gone overlooked. Aengus produced a preserved human toe on a chain, and an old dog whistle, and undertook some basic arcane analysis.

For the rest of the day the party laboured to reforge their magic items using the shards of the Eye OF The Storm. It was a relatively simple process, as The Eye lended itself readily to magical fabrication. However, now that the Ghulra had been used to make the ‘Legion’ Ghulra, the party had no more supply of components. From now on they would have to re-equip from whatever they could find as they went.

The next day, the companions set of on the course they had decided. They would make for Byfrost, and come what may.



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