Hels's Gifts

The Legion Ghura

While wearing the Legion Ghulra, Thunder has access to the additional daily power Last Of The Legion. The Legion Ghulra contains all the memories of the warforged of the Legion That Waits, and Thunder is able to draw upon this experience. Activating it is a free action, it will give a bonus to skill checks in a single skill ( +6), an untrained skill (use as if trained at +2), attack rolls with a single weapon ( +2, crit 19-20), or a single defence ( +4) until the start of his next turn, or a +2 bonus to a single saving throw. Choose one when activated.

The Nightshade Bloom

“The flower is the soul. I am Hel and those in my care dwell in darkness, but your mother is a child of light, and as such her full restoration requires much sun. For best results, she should be grown in a place as far away from my realm as possible, high up so as to maximise the light. The higher the better. Like any other bloom she will also require earth and water, but remember Aengus, light is the key.”

The petals of the nightshade bloom when plucked and thrown on the ground will grow into a strange faerie plant that emits an aura of regeneration 5. The aura grows each round by 1sq up to 5sq and affects any bloodied ally. The petals can be used once per day.

The Emancipation Proclamation

Karl now owns an Eladrin legal document which entitles him to one of two benefits. either the single use of a planar gate, or the emancipation of his family line from service to the Eladrin noble house of Aellrinath. Possessing this document will give him an ongoing +2 to will defence against domination or charm related effects. He may remove any related condition from himself or an adjacent creature once per day but doing so expends the will defence bonus for 24hrs.

Hels's Gifts

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